New home

so we are trying to get a house because we live in  apartment and we hope we can get a home before the end of this year so we are saving our money in a bank account and I’m excited and nervous the  reason I’m nervous is because if we move far from emerson then I will be going to a  totally new school and the reason I’m excited is that we won have to stay at this apartment anymore.

have you moved to a new house?

Two extra days

So I have to do two extra days to make up for the days that I didn’t do my blog and I’m a little mad at my self because I wanted to do all 31 days but at lest I tried and that’s all that’s all that matters .

did you do all 31 days?

SOL#31 anniversary

So today is my mom and dads anniversary and this morning we went to this one bakery called El nopal bakery and it’s in little village and the art is so nice and that’s where my grate grandma  lives and we seen people out side selling food and they looked cold but my mom said that they bundle up so they are not cold and at the bakery we got cookies and  conscious  they are so good and I want to go back again.🙂

What’s your favorite pastry.

SOL#30 16

So today I’m going to my cousins birthday party and he’s sixteen years old and we are so proud of him for making it this far and we love him so much and we want the best for him and we also want him to stay in school so he can get a good job .🙂 bye

SOL# surprise

So today my mom surprised me by coming to the classroom and I thought she was not going to come but she did and I’m happy to see her here and my little sister is writing her own blog post and it’s so cute and I love her so much .

SOL#28 Sports day

So today is sport day and there are a lot of cubs fans and three Sox fans and one of my friends is a Sox fan and there are nine cubs fans and that’s not including me so actually there’s ten and it’s pretty cool and my favorite sport is baseball.

What’s your favorite sport?

SOL#27 Sick day😷🤒

Yesterday my little sister got sick 😷 she had a fever so my mom called off of work to take care of my little sister. Yesterday I also got sick my stomach and  throat was hurting so when I went to sleep I felt better and my dad stood home to help my mom with the baby and my dad took me and my brother to school and my mom stood home with the baby and I went my little sister to get better soon.

SOL#26 Christmas Day

This Christmas me my brother and sister got soo many  presents 🎁 and it was so cool I got two  pairs of shoes one was boots and they are so cute but now that it’s warmer I can’t really where them we also got clothes and my little sister got a Bike and a kitchen set with pots and pans and it also came with toy food I also got a  bowe maker and I only made three Bowes because it only with six fabrics and I had to of the fabrics together to make one bowe.

SOL#24 spring bracke

This spring I’m going to sleep in,watch movies,probably go to my grandma and grandpas house and sleep over and go to another party for my cousin and I’m going to be in my pajamas all bay except for when I have to tack my mom to work even though her to go to work but we need the money to get food and coffee like today she has to go to work and I have have to go to dance class and today is bring your family to dance and my brother might  embarrass me but my mom told him not to so will see what  happens .


Yesterday at my little cousins  birthday party there was a little puppy named peanut and she is so cute and I’m a little scared of dogs but my mom had me pet little peanut and she was calm and she doesn’t  bark at me or any body and she’s a cute little  Chihuahua and I didn’t want to stop petting her  and I miss her because she’s so cute!😆